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If You’re Not Exfoliating, Why Not?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Why Exfoliation Matters


A women looking in the mirror apply cream

Almost everyone I know looks at his or her reflection in the mirror and finds something he or she wants to change. It might be fine lines and wrinkles that come with age. It could be pigmentation that comes from sun overexposure, or as another part of the natural aging process. Some suffer with blackheads or acne breakouts or scarring resulting from past breakouts. And for some, it’s a constant battle against dull, boring skin tone.

Because we would all like to put our best face forward, we do everything we can to freshen our appearance, which results in spending thousands of dollars on skincare products that promise to make us have clearer, plumper, more youthful looking skin. Still others spend a fortune going to spas for expensive treatments - all in an effort to chase this fountain of youth.

The truth is that, while many products and procedures do help, there is something simple and inexpensive you can be doing at home to move you toward the results you want. That something is EXFOLIATION.

Exfoliation doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive. It’s something you can (and should) do, as part of your normal routine, that will yield amazing results. Here are 5 reasons you should be exfoliating and the results you can expect:

A close up picture of blackheads on a nose

1. Reduces Blackheads and Acne Breakouts

Blackheads and acne breakouts can begin during the preteen years and last well into the middle age years (and beyond). Gentle exfoliation helps to extract debris from the skin – dirt, sweat, pollution, residues from makeup or other skin products. This residue stays embedded in pores and creates a toxic environment.

In addition, dead skin cells pile up on top of the skin, trapping the debris and natural sebum (moisture) that skin produces. Exfoliation removes these dead skin cells and toxins, creating healthier skin. Over time, you can keep blackheads away before they have a chance to form and greatly reduce the likelihood of breakouts.

A close up of hyperpigmentation

2. Reduces Appearance of Hyper Pigmentation

As we age, some of us develop “age spots” which are a result of hyperpigmentation. Those who spend enough time in the sun can also develop similar spots, called “sun spots” from too much melanin.

Exfoliation stimulates blood flow and aids in lymphatic drainage. This helps to detoxify skin and break up the pigmented cells that cause these spots. The key is consistency!

3. Improves Hydration for Softer Skin

If your skin feels rough, dry or flaky and no amount of moisturizer seems to work, the issue is likely a lack of exfoliation. Over time, dead skin cells tend to pile up and create a barrier that will not allow moisturizers to penetrate. This can actually cause your skin to become dehydrated.

Rather than applying even larger amounts of moisturizer (which will exacerbate the problem) or just assuming your moisturizer does not work, exfoliate regularly to remove these dead skin cells from the surface. Your moisturizer will be better absorbed and skin will be softer.

A women looking at her youthful skin

4. Younger, Glowing Appearance

Believe it or not, exfoliation can actually help you turn back the clock. Once you have removed the toxins from your skin, sloughed away the dead skin cells, and enjoyed the benefits of moisture, you will notice that your skin is healthier and softer to the touch.

You will also notice that, over time, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and even scars is greatly reduced. Exfoliation does not only remove the dead skin cells, it aids in the regeneration of new skin cells. Exfoliation also stimulates collagen synthesis and improves elasticity. The result is a vibrant, glowing, more youthful appearance.

Younger woman holding shaving razor

5. Creates a Better Shave

Perhaps you have experienced the pain and irritation of a post-shave rash or felt that your shave is not as close as you would like, so you do it more often. The problem may not be your razor or shave gel – it could be that you are not exfoliating first.

When you shave without exfoliating, the majority of what ends up in your razor are the dead skin cells lying on the surface of your skin. These cells will prevent the razor from coming into close contact with your skin, which leaves you without a close shave and a razor that becomes dull very quickly. Exfoliation removes these dead skin cells first so that you have a closer shave and your razor lasts longer.

Yahwehs Naturals Skin Care bundle

We believe we have the best, natural answer to help you achieve all these results. With just two products, you can remove toxins, improve the youthfulness of your skin, reduce breakouts, achieve moisture, and have a better shaving experience. What are they?

MORNING ESPRESSO – this Shea butter bar contains natural, organic coffee and coffee grounds. The grounds help to gently exfoliate away debris, toxins, and dead skin cells. Shea butter helps to preserve moisture and protect your new, regenerated skin cells. And the fresh, coffee smell is an added bonus! Be sure to lather up with this bar for a closer shave.

MOISTURIZING FACE SERUM – once skin is clean and exfoliated, our natural blend of premium, organic ingredients helps to lock in moisture and improve the health of your skin. We use skin loving moisturizers, chamomile and rosewater for skin that is soft, smooth and radiant.

Again, exfoliation does not have to be complicated, time consuming or expensive. Our customers have tried this combination and given us 5 star reviews over and over. Try our Skincare Bundle today. You will love the price and the results.

Natural, safe, effective skincare – the way God intended. That’s Yahwehs Naturals!

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The morning espresso is my favorite for exfoliating!

Penny Boyle
Penny Boyle
Aug 05, 2023
Replying to

It’s amazing, isn’t it? Nothing like a good coffee scrub to start the day!!


The Lemon Poppyseed is an amazing exfoliate! Looking forward to using the Morning Espresso. Also, Izzy approves!

Penny Boyle
Penny Boyle
Aug 05, 2023
Replying to

Oh, I’m SO glad you love it!! Such a bright, happy scent!! Let us know how you like the espresso!!


Teresa Winnie
Teresa Winnie
Jun 24, 2023

Love this and it is 100% true!

Penny Boyle
Penny Boyle
Aug 05, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much for commenting! We appreciate you!

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