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5 oz

This Skin Care Bundle includes our Moisturizing Face Serum as well as our Morning Espresso Body Bar

Begin with our Morning Espresso facial scrub bar with its richly satisfying coffee aroma. The organic coffee grounds will help extract any dirt, makeup residue and impurities, while the Shea butter will help keep your natural moisture intact. The caffeine in our Morning Espresso facial scrub bar has been shown to reduce undereye puffiness, reduce free radical damage, balance pH and tighten skin.


Once your face is freshly scrubbed, follow up with our Moisturizing Face Serum, which helps to even out skin tone, lighten spots and blemishes, tighten pores, and regenerate skin cells. Just a few drops on your face, neck and hands will not only give you brighter and more youthful skin, but actually improve its health!

Skin Care Bundle

  • Are you bored with your morning skincare routine? Do you sometimes look in the mirror and wonder why you look so tired, even after a full night of sleep? It’s time to kick your skincare routine up a notch
    with our amazing Skincare Bundle. 

    Why pay hundreds of dollars for products that take up your precious morning time, not to mention counter space? Try the Skincare Bundle today!