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Feeling a Little Under the Weather?

The Reason May Surprise You


Tired and lethargic woman.

Have you ever felt just a bit “off”, but you couldn’t really put your finger on the cause?  Maybe you have even seen a doctor, but you either received a very generic answer, or no answer at all.  Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

* black circles under your eyes, regardless of how much sleep you get 

* teeth grinding during the night 

* constant sugar cravings 

* bloated belly, even if you haven’t eaten recently 

* chronic fatigue 

* abnormal bowel movements 

* anal itching 

If you’re like many people (and depending on your symptoms) you might go right to WebMD and conclude that you absolutely have the most serious of the diagnoses listed.  Then, you’re gripped with anxiety and fear.  Before you get too upset, however, there might be an answer you haven’t considered.  And that, my friends, is the possibility of a parasite or worm infestation in your body.  Yes, I know it’s gross.  

Before we go any further, let me just say that I am not a medical professional, and this should not replace medical advice.  That said, my husband and I decided to research this possibility for ourselves as we strive to be as healthy as possible after each having more than one cancer diagnosis. 

One of the things we have learned, based upon findings from Dr. David Minkoff and Gary Brecka, is that cancer is a mitochondrial disease.  While neither of them indicated that parasites cause cancer, many clinical studies have shown that parasites are present in cancer patients.  This is huge because parasites produce toxins, and toxins matter! 

Someone doubled over with stomach pain.

Complications of Parasites or Worms in the Body: 
If parasites or worms in the body go unchecked, they can cause a host of complications.  Some of the most common complications are: 

* Dehydration (caused by constant diarrhea) 

* Appendicitis 

* Organ Damage (because tapeworms TRAVEL) 

How Do Parasites or Worms Even GET Into the Body?  

When most people think of worms, they’re considering the worms you might find on the sidewalk after a rainstorm.  But, parasites and worms are typically microscopic when they enter the body, and then grow as time goes on.  They become attached to the walls of your intestinal tract and live there – feeding and depositing fecal matter.  Yuck!

You can inherit these organisms from:  

* Drinking contaminated water 

* Eating produce that has come from contaminated soil 

* Eating raw or undercooked meat that contains a parasite 

* Walking barefoot on contaminated soil 

Raw steak on a plate.

Many people think that parasite and worm infestations only happen in third world countries.  Not true!  It is estimated that as many as 90% of people have received some sort of parasite or worm. 

When my husband and I learned that we could very well have parasites and worms living within us, we did some research.  We learned there are certain foods that encourage growth of these organisms – especially worms. 

Someone eating donuts.

If you eat refined foods, processed foods, excess sugar or wheat you should know that any worms present are likely growing because they thrive on these types of food.  If you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol regularly, or fail to manage your stress (staying in a state of fight or flight mode) you can multiply them as well.  On the other hand, if you are willing to eat garlic or pumpkin seeds, these will inhibit their growth.

What Can I Do If I Suspect I Have Them?

Dr. Barbara O’Neill recommends additional substances to combat growth and even help eliminate parasites and worms from your body: thyme, black cumin seed, black walnut, oregano oil, and wormwood.  This led us to seek a parasite and worm cleanse that lasted 14 days. 

Every morning and evening, 20 minutes before a meal, we took two capsules and a tincture made up of many of these recommended herbs.  I will spare you the details, but let me tell you the results were dramatic to say the least.  We also took a probiotic during this time to ensure we were replacing any of the good bacteria we might be losing in the process.   

We eat a very clean diet, drink hydrogenated water with electrolytes, do not smoke, only have an occasional glass of wine, and manage our stress well.  We were still astounded by what we saw.  This is the part where I say again that I am not a medical professional and that you should do your own research before beginning a cleanse of any kind.  That said, we are so glad we did it and have vowed to do it every six months – just to be sure.  

Someone washing hands in the sink.

What Lifestyle Changes Should I Make? 

Getting rid of parasites and worms via a cleanse is not enough.  You have to change your habits!  Besides avoiding the transmission possibilities above, here are some easy (and not so easy) changes you can make to keep them at bay:

Drink filtered, purified water (preferably hydrogenated) 

* Know WHERE your food comes from – eat organic produce ONLY 

* Make sure your produce is CLEAN before you eat it (helpful tip below) 

* STOP allowing your pets to lick your face (sorry furry friends) 

* Do NOT eat farm raised fish.  Ever. 

* Avoid eating any pork (sorry bacon lovers).  Pork is filled with worms and you cannot cook it enough to remove them. 

* Make sure your meat is cooked through  

* Wash your hands regularly – especially after handling food, after having your hands in soil, after cleaning up after babies or pets, and after bathroom visits 

Parasites and worms are not something we want to even think about, let alone bring up in polite conversation.  However, they are a real issue that can absolutely affect your health.  Do your research and take steps to mitigate the risks and protect yourself.  You are worth it!

How We Properly Clean Our Fruit (We Eat Organic Only)

Fill a container (preferably glass) with ICE cold water 


Add ¼ cup of Raw, Apple Cider Vinegar 


Add 1 Tbsp of baking soda 


Swish the fruit around in the mixture for a couple seconds 


Allow the fruit to sit for one minute (no need to allow it to soak) 


The combination of vinegar and soda will bubble and draw out unwanted organisms 


Empty the water and rinse THOROUGHLY 


Pat fruit dry with a clean paper towel 


Transfer fruit to a glass container 

If you have any questions or benefitted from this article, please leave a comment!  We would love to hear from you. 

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Wow! This is so interesting! I have been having gut issues on and off for a while and I have already made some of your suggested changes. But to be honest, I did it to fight constant migraines, arthritic inflammation and lastly for my gut. Reducing the intake of refined sugar has made a huge impact on me. My stomach has been feeling a lot better and there is so much less joint inflammation! I am drinking purified filtered water, too, and I see and feel a difference with that change. Giving up pork may not be such a struggle now that I know that it carries so many parasites. Thank you!

Replying to

Thank you so much for the comment!! Isn’t it amazing how little changes regarding what we put in our mouths can make such a big difference - either for good OR bad? I’m so happy you’re feeling better. Sometimes, I miss pork and cheese, but I definitely don’t miss the way they make me feel!! I hope you continue to feel your best self!!

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