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How Grounding Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Walking in grass barefoot.

Do you remember running around barefoot in your back yard and the feeling of soft blades of grass between your toes? Were you the type of kid that loved to climb trees, play in the dirt, and make mud pies? If you were lucky enough to spend time at a pond, lake or the ocean, do you remember that joyful feeling of running in the sand or making sandcastles?

If you’re of a certain age, you probably have fond memories of those childhood pursuits. You might also think back and realize that all the childhood ailments that plague us today didn’t seem to be as prevalent back then. I don’t think that’s an accident.

Children building sandcastles.

A couple years ago, I embarked on a pretty intense health journey. I completely overhauled my diet, made sure I got 10,000 steps a day while walking my dog, and made sleep more of a priority. I lost quite a few pounds, started toning muscles and had more energy. But still, I had quite a few aches and pains that were some days just annoying, and other days almost debilitating. My main issue seemed to be one of inflammation, but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t seem to overcome it. I would wake up with shoulder pain, elbow pain, and very sore joints in my hands. Was this just what being in my mid-50's was going to be like? Would it get worse over time?

One day, while looking at some Instagram reels about herbs and teas (I was willing to try anything) I came across something called “earthing” with a link. That documentary completely changed my life, and the lives of those who have embraced it after my sharing it with them.

A ranch with farm animals.

The documentary was about Clint Ober, who had grown up on a farm in Montana and was friends with many from the Native American reservations there. As an adult, he got in on the “ground” floor (pun intended) of the brand-new cable television industry. He was very successful in the industry, until his health took a dramatic turn and he changed his lifestyle completely. As he embarked on his new way of life, he learned a great deal about the earth, our bodies, and the connection between the two.

One of his discoveries is that we are all bioelectric beings. The Earth has a negative charge naturally, while we live in a perpetual state of positive charge. Every day, we are exposed to televisions, computers, appliances, smart phones...and our bodies are absorbing all that positive energy. This is one of those times when “positive vibes only” is not a good thing!

In the meantime, we are wearing shoes inside with rubber soles, and living in homes or working in buildings with heavy insulation and sleeping in beds off the floor. All of this insulates us from the grounding energy that the Earth affords us.

An old console TV.

If you’re old enough to remember when TV was not broadcast 24/7 and there was no cable, at the end of the day, there was “white noise” on the TV. As kids, we called it “snow”. When cable television came along, the companies would “ground” the system to prevent any electromagnetic interference. This made customers happy, and ensured that police scanners, etc. were not interrupted. Our bodies can work the same way.

After watching the documentary, I decided to purchase the book so I could delve into the case studies and get as much information as I could. This was not only fascinating, but could it be the answer I was looking for? The Earthing book definitely delivered - with so much information, pictures, and real-life stories.

A woman rubbing her joints.

What are some of the benefits to grounding and how do you do it? Studies have shown that people, when grounded consistently, have reduced inflammation and pain. Wounds have healed faster, immune responses have improved, and muscle soreness has been alleviated. People have noticed less redness and swelling as well – sure signs of inflammation.

I began taking my dog, Daisy, to a nearby grassy area and would sit, barefoot, in the grass for 30 minutes. After a couple weeks, I began doing it twice a day, and I did notice a slight difference in terms of having more energy, less brain fog, and just a happier disposition. But, as someone who lived in Kansas City at the time, I wondered how I would be able to get these benefits during inclement weather. That’s when I bought my first “grounding mat”.

The grounding mat came with a device that you plug into an outlet to ensure it is, in fact, grounded. Then, the mat (which is thin and lies completely flat) plugs into the wall. I did some experimenting with the mat, while still taking Daisy on our twice daily barefoot walks (weather permitting, of course). Here are the different ways I have used it:

  1. Underneath my computer keyboard with my wrists resting upon it while I worked

  2. Underneath my bare feet while I worked from home

  3. Sitting on it while watching TV

  4. Placing it underneath my fitted sheet and sleeping on it at night

What did I notice? The soreness in my hands was eliminated. My elbows were no longer in pain. I had an elevated mood, more energy, and slept much better at night. When I was still working full time (I’m now retired) I would keep the mat on the floor beneath my feet while working and then transfer it to the bed at night. It is super lightweight and easy to move.

I have shared this information with many people and, for all of those who have tried it for themselves, they are experiencing the same results. In my opinion, the very BEST way to reap the benefits of earthing, is to:

Gardening without gloves.

  1. Work in the garden without any gloves, Really get your hands into the soil!

  2. Take a walk in the sand if you have access to a beach.

  3. Walk barefoot in the grass or, if you can, lie down in the grass.

  4. Swim in a natural pond or river, or if you can, the ocean.

And, on the days when none of these options are feasible, purchase a grounding mat (Clint Ober’s Earthing Company is where I purchased mine since he is the pioneer in this field) and try it for yourself. You can still watch the movie online for free and purchase the book for yourself. At Yahwehs Naturals, we are not only about creating natural, safe and effective products that come from the Earth, but we want to educate you on all the ways that God has given us the resources we need to live healthier, happier, and pain free lives.

Yahwehs Naturals wood plaque logo.

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