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Why We’re Cuckoo for Cocoa Butter!


Someone enjoying hot cocoa.

Now that winter has truly settled in for most parts of the States, people everywhere are enjoying steaming cups of hot cocoa.  And for good reason!  It’s warm, delicious, and just makes you feel good.  But the cocoa in your cup isn’t the only type of cocoa that will take care of you this winter. 

Cocoa butter is an amazing ingredient that offers so many skincare benefits.  In fact, it won’t just help your skin in the winter, but all year round.  Here are 3 different areas where you can enjoy the skin loving benefits of organic cocoa butter: 

Older person looking at reflection in the mirror.

1. Anti-Aging 

Cocoa butter is very rich in plant-based polyphenols, making it high in antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce the amounts of free radicals, which are known to contribute to early signs of aging.  

 Plant polyphenols help with DNA repair because of their anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to prevent a variety of skin disorders that are caused by excessive exposure to UV light. 

They improve skin elasticity, reduce inflammation and minimize wrinkles.  Cocoa butter is a wonderful way to keep your skin young-looking and withstand the passage of time. 

2. Hydrating and Healing 

Cocoa butter is very rich in fatty acids, so it is an amazing way to moisturize skin.  Because it can penetrate the skin so deeply, it hydrates the skin and soothes the irritation that can come from overly dry skin.  This allows the cocoa butter to minimize scars, heal rashes, and reduce stretch marks. 

Cocoa butter is also a rich emollient, meaning it reduces the amount of water loss from the skin.  This helps to keep the skin’s natural moisture intact. 

Picture of raw cocoa butter.

3. Protective 

As we mentioned before, cocoa butter is high in antioxidants, as well as being anti-inflammatory.  This helps to not only heal skin, but to protect it from further damage. 

Cocoa butter in skincare has been shown to protect skin from harsh environments – excessive UV rays from the sun, extremely cold temperatures, and brisk winds.  It also helps create a protective skin barrier.  Cocoa butter is a natural, skincare powerhouse.

Yahwehs Naturals body butter.

We use raw, organic cocoa butter as the basis of our Whipped Body Butters.  Unlike lotions, our Body Butters penetrate the skin and offer superior hydration and protection. Our goal is to make sure your skin not only looks more youthful, but that it is healed and protected.  All-natural skincare is our commitment to you! 

Yahwehs Naturals Lip Balm.

We are excited to be launching our brand new, healing Lip Balm today!  The healing, anti-aging and protective benefits that cocoa butter has been offering your skin will now be offered for your lips. 

After all, lips are just as exposed and in need of hydration and healing.  Cocoa butter helps heal dry, chapped, wind burned lips and protects them from further damage. Besides cocoa butter, we have also included beeswax, Vitamin E and sweet almond oil for lip healing benefits. 

So, if you’re worried about premature aging, need healing from irritation or damage, and could use some extra moisture, we encourage you to try our butters or lip balm today.

Safe, effective, natural skincare is our commitment to you.  Shop our skincare line today! 

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