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Why Our Natural Products Are The Best They Can “Bee”!


A bee pollinating flowers.

When it comes to work, you would be hard pressed to find anyone (or anything) who works quite as hard as the honeybee.  The female “worker bees” visit and forage millions of blooming plants in order to collect nectar.  They have a special tongue they use for the collection, and then transfer the nectar to their “honey stomachs”.  The enzymes break down the nectar into the simple sugars that will eventually become honey.

The worker bees come back to the hive to transfer the nectar they’ve collected to the “house bees”, who break down the sugar even further and reduce the amount of water in the nectar.  That nectar gets deposited into the honeycomb, and the bees fan their wings to help the remaining water evaporate.  Once the honey is the right consistency, a wax cap on top of the cell keeps it clean. 

A jar of honey.

We have known for a long time the benefits of raw honey.  It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  It also contains a high level of antioxidants that protect against free radicals, so it only makes sense that we would use it in our soap and whipped body butter.  But, we got to thinking – if honey has so many benefits when it comes to skin health, then beeswax must have benefits as well.  So, we did our research and are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our brand-new, healing lip balm! 

Did you know that most lip balms on the market contain “petrolatum”?  Many manufacturers use it as a moisturizer, but the European Union has banned it because of its classification as a carcinogen.  Petrolatum is a byproduct of petroleum (think leftover sludge from the refining of crude oil) and has been known to be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) according to ToxFAQs and the European Commission on Cosmetic Directives. 

Petrolatum has also been shown in medical journals to contain a high level of xenoestrogens.  These chemicals disturb hormones by attacking the body’s hormone receptors and causing estrogen dominance.  Petroleum is also “occlusive”, meaning it stops water and natural moisture evaporation.  This can actually trap bacteria and dead skin cells.  Why are people using this on their lips???  Yikes! 

A woman with nice lips.

You won’t find petrolatum (or parabens and other toxins) in our healing balm.  Instead, we have opted for sustainably sourced beeswax, a completely natural ingredient that locks in moisture, protects lips from a cold, windy environment, and even offers protection against harmful UV rays.  Our lip balm, with other ingredients including organic cocoa butter, Vitamin E, and sweet almond oil is also anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and filled with Vitamins A, B and C. 

Unlike waxy lip balms, ours has a smooth and glossy appearance that comes from the natural beeswax.  We also decided to use 1 ounce tins, rather than “sticks”, giving you 5 times the product and making it easier to control the amount that is applied.  Our tins are also harder to misplace and won’t make a mess if left out in warmer temperatures.  


Our healing lip balm will come in two flavors:  spearmint, which helps to soothe and cool lips; and vanilla bean, which helps to heal inflammation and relaxes the skin surrounding the lips.  Look for our healing lip balms in our online store January 19th! 


We were so excited at the conclusion of our beeswax research that we have decided to base another product on this amazing resource:  wax melts!  Since we started our business, we have been repeatedly asked to offer wax melts.  While we loved the idea, there was just one problem:  petroleum.  Many wax melts and candles contain that ingredient, which is why we don’t use them in our home. 

We did look into other options, such as soy, but there are issues there as well.  Did you know that 90% of the soybean crops in the United States are genetically modified?  Burning a GMO soy candle can emit dangerous, hormone disrupting chemicals into the air, and the wax that is processed from soybeans is typically bleached and deodorized before it is sold to those creating the wax melts and candles.  Not good. 

Burning candles.

Our brand-new wax melts, which will be introduced in February, are derived from beeswax, which is a natural and renewable resource.  They are more durable than soy, which means they are less likely to melt in warmer temperatures.   

Beeswax melts are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and even hypoallergenic.  That means you can feel good about burning them without the worry of releasing toxins into the air.  Even more, beeswax burns longer and produces negative ions during the burning process.  That means that the air is actually being purified, with pollutants being removed.  Not only will you enjoy the warm, cozy feeling and the intoxicating fragrances, but you’ll enjoy cleaner air. 

We are so excited to add wax melts to our home essentials line of products, knowing they are safe, effective and natural – just like all the Yahwehs Naturals products you have come to expect! 

Yahwehs Naturals wood plaque logo.

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Penny, this is a great article with lots of research behind it. Thank you for the info. You know I absolutely love the Yahwehs Honey Bee soaps.

Replying to

Thank you so much for your kind comment! It’s such a pleasure to help people and give them tangible information they can use!! Have a great day!


I am always excited to try your new products!!! 💜

Replying to

Yay!! We LOVE creating new and exciting products that make our customers happy!!

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