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Loving Your Reflection in the Mirror

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

How to Improve the Skin You're In.

A women looking at her reflection in the mirror

Aging is a gift that isn't afforded to everyone. Yet, as some of us get older, we cannot help but notice all the ways that life has caught up with us:

-     wrinkles around the eyes from late night reading or studying

-     spots from too many hours in the sun

-     eye bags from late nights spent rocking babies

-     laugh lines from a life spent enjoying family and friends

-     forehead lines from time spent worrying about loved ones

Add to that effects of pollution, smoke, or other skin conditions and you can see why some people are concerned. Here at Yahwehs Naturals, we understand those concerns and strive to create products that will not only help with those issues and improve skin appearance, but actually improve skin health. We can't turn back the clock for you, but we do have a solution that is natural, safe and effective.

Damage Repair

Do you notice red patches or brown spots? Are blemishes or scars an issue for you? We use pure Jojoba Oil to help calm the skin and even out its tone. Our product testers saw a noticeable difference after just several days.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and, therefore, needs vitamins and antioxidants to stay healthy. We use Organic Rosehip Seed Oil to slow down the aging effects of free radical damage. The appearance of scars is also reduced as the top layer of skin undergoes a repair process with regular use.

Chamomile Extract helps to lighten blemishes and skin redness, while regenerating cells.

A women with uneven skin tone

Moisture is Key

Even the oiliest complexion needs hydration to help remain youthful and vibrant. We use premium Argan Oil specifically for hydrating and softening skin, especially on the face, neck and hands. Rich Evening Primrose Oil hydrates and plumps up the skin, which gives your complexsion a youthful glow. Vitamin E acts not only as a moisturizer, but helps to prevent future dryness with regular use. It is also anti-inflammatory, so it helps to soothe skin irritation. And our Rosewater & Glycerin acts as a humectant, so it attracts moisture to your skin.

Protection From the Elements

With regular use, our Moisturizing Facial Serum not only reduces damage and helps reverse the effects of aging, it also protects against future damage. By calming the skin, the development of new wrinkles is dramatically slowed. Elasticity (especially around the eyes) is restored, which helps to diminish eye bags and prevent them in the future. Using the serum every morning also offers protection from sun damage.

Pores are tightened, cells are regenerated, and you're left with a youthful, toned finish. All from one bottle!!

Yahwehs Naturals All Natural Moisturizing Face Serum

Easy to Use

We recommend a good facial scrub morning and night, such as our Morning Espresso with organic coffee grounds to extract dirt, perspiration and makeup and Shea butter for protection. Once your face is clean, shake the serum vial and apply several drops to your face, neck and hands. No other toners or moisturizers are needed!

We can't turn back the clock for you, nor would we want to! Aging is a gift! But, if you would like to look and feel better when you visit your reflection, we believe our Moisturizing Facial Serum will help you do just that. No harmful chemicals. No animal testing. No kidding!

Just safe, effective, natural skincare - the way God intended. That's who we are at Yahwehs Naturals. Come see for yourself at

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