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How to Wrangle Your Whiskers and Soften Your Scruff

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Why Beard Oil Matters and How to Use it


So, you’ve decided to grow out your beard. Or maybe you’re already sporting some fantastic facial hair, but your wife is less than thrilled when you go in for the hug. Not to worry! We’re here to help you wrangle those whiskers and soften that scruff!

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First, let’s go over some DO’s and DON’Ts when it comes to managing your beard:

DO – wash your beard well with a good, moisturizing soap that will clean your facial hair without stripping the skin beneath of its natural oils. We recommend our Rustic Woods bar, made with Shea butter and coffee grounds, for a moisturizing clean that smells rustic and masculine.

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DON’T – go days without washing and conditioning your beard or use soaps or shampoos with detergents to cleanse it. The detergents are harmful to your beard AND the skin underneath.

DO – gently pat your beard dry with a soft towel, leaving it barely damp, and then apply a premium beard oil. Leaving the beard damp will allow the oil to spread evenly across the entire beard, and the oil will be better absorbed.

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DON’T – dry your beard completely after washing or use rough motions when using a towel. This will irritate the skin and pull at your beard hairs, causing ingrown hairs or irritation.

DO – apply a few drops of the beard oil into your hands and RUB THEM TOGETHER. This warms up the oil, so it spreads evenly and absorbs better.

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DON’T – apply beard oil from the dropper directly onto your beard. Not only will this be messy, but it will be overly concentrated in one area.

DO – use premium beard oil several times a week to soften your beard and ensure the skin beneath remains healthy.

DON’T – forget to rub the oil into the skin beneath for better conditioning. This will allow for better growth!

It is difficult to keep the skin beneath your beard moisturized, especially if your beard is quite full. We use organic jojoba oil, which penetrates the skin beneath the beard, giving it optimal hydration. This will help ensure you don’t develop any type of rash or “beard dandruff”.

After jojoba oil we use avocado oil, which has powerful antioxidants to help soothe the skin of any irritation and keep the beard healthy. Sweet almond oil keeps the hairs of your beard conditioned and soft, so that it is easier to manage, and softer to the touch. Apricot oil rounds out this blend to protect both your beard growth, and your sensitive skin beneath.

Our beard oil has a slightly woodsy aroma that is very pleasing. Whether you’re just starting out on your bearded journey, or you’re an old pro who wants to bring his beard back to life, our premium beard oil will help give you the conditioned and well-groomed look you desire.

So go ahead! Wrangle those whiskers and soften that scruff with our woodsy scented premium beard oil. During the month of June, our beard oil is on sale for 25% off. Your wife will love your beard, and YOU will love the price!

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