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Got Stress? We’ve Got a Spray for That!


Image of stressed woman during the holidays.

While most folks tend to look forward to the Fall season with joy and anticipation, there are also feelings of stress and fatigue that accompany the impending holidays. For some, it’s the sudden change in temperature as sunny, warm days give way to gloomy, chilly days. And can we talk about the effects of the time change?

For some others, the holiday season can be overwhelming because of finances, missing loved ones, traveling, hosting family, etc. Even the best situations can cause stress because there’s too much to do and not enough resources, as well as feeling of intense fatigue.

Image of rainy, gloomy, fall day.

This season, we have developed a room spray to help purify and freshen your home, as well as elevate your mood, without the use of toxic ingredients. It can be used to create a warm, spicy, festive atmosphere that family and guests will love, while giving you a boost of energy.

Our first ingredient is Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil. You’ll immediately notice a combination of both sweet and spicy notes, with just a slightly woodsy undertone. This aroma automatically has a warm essence that will purify the air in your home. Because our oil spray is antiseptic and antimicrobial and only contains purified, filtered water, it can be used to help disinfect countertops, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and doorknobs around the home. This is an added bonus during cold and flu season!

Image of cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon.

Cinnamon has a rich combination of antioxidants and can help ease the congestion that typically accompanies bronchitis and other respiratory symptoms. It promotes deeper breathing as it opens the airways, which can also help manage feelings of stress.

This essential oil also has the ability to boost energy, which is so necessary during the busy holiday season! It improves mental clarity and focus and can help improve mood, especially feelings of sadness.

Image of ginger root.

We have paired our Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil with Organic Ginger Essential Oil for a delightfully spicy and fun fragrance. The combination of cinnamon and ginger is reminiscent of holiday gingerbread, except you don’t even have to turn on the oven!

Ginger has immediate mood boosting qualities as part of our room spray. It helps to soothe anxiety and stress, boost concentration, and relieve feelings of fatigue. It also helps to soothe lungs and open airways because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Yahwehs Naturals Defender Room Spray in Ginger/Cinnamon.

Our Defender Room Spray will help to defend your home against germs, while defending you against feelings of overwhelm. And because of its warm, festive scent your home will feel ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Use the spray to help disinfect kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as purify the air. We love to use it in our entry way, on couch pillows and blankets, and even in our vehicle. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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