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2.5 oz

Introducing Yahwehs Naturals Tattoo Butter. Those of us with tattoos know just how important tattoo care is, especially when it comes to new fresh ink. Taking care of your tattoos helps to promote healthy healing and longevity when it comes to your ink. However, finding a true non-scented tattoo lotion can be difficult. Especially one that doesn't burn or clog your pores, but helps moisturize and heal your tattoo. Well, look no further than our new Tattoo Butter.

Tattoo Butter

  • Made with shea butter which helps skin stay younger looking so the tattoo stands out more. Keeps skin moisturized to improve surface dryness as well as restores glow and vibrancy of older tattoos. Our Tattoo Butter promotes healing by being an anti-inflammatory which helps heal new ink and reduces the itching and redness. Easily absorbed so it hydrates skin, reducing peeling and helping to reduce swelling. So if you have ink, new or old, give Yahwehs Naturals Tattoo Butter a try today.