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Fast-acting and incredibly powerful, our Discomfort Rub can help increase circulation and reduce general discomfort quickly with it’s intense hot-cold sensation. Great for general soreness and pain, menstrual cramping, cold extremities, or athletic recovery.

Simply by Nature Discomfort Rub

  • Ingredients:

    Organic Mango Seed Butter

    Organic Emulsifying Wax

    Organic Bran Oil

    Organic Olive Fruit Oil

    Distilled Water

    Pure Vitamin E Oil

    Menthol Crystals

    Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils

    Leucidal Liquid



    Rub gently into sore or discomforted areas for temporary relief. Do not apply to sensitive skin or open wounds. Wash hands thoroughly after use. To prevent spoilage, keep product tightly sealed and store in a cool, dry place.