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4 oz.

Made with the grounds of organically roasted coffee beans from Colombia, the caffeine in our Morning Espresso bar helps to detox the skin, protects against the breakdown of collagen, and increases skin’s circulation. It’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties can also help reduce puffiness and smooth existing fine lines and wrinkles. The raw coffee grounds serve as a mild exfoliant and the Shea butter from East Africa helps to moisturize and protect the skin, as well as diminishing the appearance of scars or skin blemishes.

Morning Espresso

  • Is there anything more enticing during the early morning hours than the richly satisfying aroma of fresh coffee? Even for those who don’t like the (*gasp*) taste of that glorious roasted beverage, the smell always seems so inviting. Even if you’re not a “morning person”, you will love the aromatic appeal of Morning Espresso, as well as its many skincare benefits. Try one today for a freshly brewed morning.