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5 oz

Made with goat milk, this soap is very gentle on the skin and has a rich and bubbly lather. Goat milk is packed with Vitamin A and selenium, so it has anti-aging properties, and helps support a healthy skin membrane. The combination of eucalyptus and mint are very pleasant, but also helps you feel calmer and more at ease if you are feeling stressed or anxious. And in a hot shower or bath, the natural eucalyptus, which is anti inflammatory, can help to reduce the effects of coughs, stuffy noses, or allergy symptoms.

Eucalyptus Mint

  • Got allergies? These days, pollen, pet dander, car exhaust, and every day pollutants can wreak havoc on your sinuses and take the fun out of your day! Why not treat your sinuses AND your senses with our Eucalyptus Mint bar? You will love the intoxicating scent of our eucalyptus and mint oils, that will not only help clear your sinuses, but clear your mind! The steam of the shower activates the oils, creating a better breathing experience, as well as a calmer state of being. It’s like treating yourself to a spa, without the spa price tag!