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Introducing Yahwehs Naturals new Cleaning Solution! The Concentrated Cleaning Solution package comes with a sealed, liquid safe container that contains 16 tbsp (8 liquid Oz) of cleaning solution, as well as an empty 8 Oz spray bottle. Safe for most kitchen and bathroom surfaces such as counters, faucets, sinks, stovetops, appliances, trash cans, bathtubs, showers, washers, dryers, and toilets. Product is also good for most outdoor patio furniture and cook areas for grills or black stones. 

Not recommended for untreated wood or glass. Test an inconspicuous area before trying on granite, marble or stainless steel.

Cleaning Solution

  • Our Concentrated Cleaning Solution contains natural ingredients that are safe and effective.  It's also eco-friendly and economical! Most popular, store-bought multi-purpose cleaning brands charge an average of $8.38 for a 16 Oz bottle that is mostly water and chemicals. You would pay $33.52 to get 64 Oz of cleaning spray. Our solution offers 64 Oz of cleaning spray with no added chemicals, and you pay only $20.  The spray bottle is free.

    External use only.  If accidentally ingested, inhaled or if product gets into eyes, stop using and seek medical attention.