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7.5 oz

Introducing new Yahwehs Naturals body butters! These body butters come in multiple scents and are design to abosrb easily and act fast, penetrating the skin providing instant hydration while also creating a protective moisture layer, especially if used after a shower. Made to last longer than lotion because it won't melt so you can use less while still restoring elasticity to your skin as well as soothing any eczema and dry patches. Plus they smell great!

Body Butter

  • Made with anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps with swelling and redness while also reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Yahwehs Naturals body butters are also anti-aging, helping to reduce wrinkles and help with collagen production. Lastly, they offer UV protection as well as being an antioxident, fighting free radicals that can cause skin cancer. Give them a try for yourself today!